Hey there,

wuhuuuu it happened!! Last week i did my first personal work / fotoshooting this year.

I was so inspired by an amazing fashion serie shot in Peru – in the russian vogue, a couple of weeks ago.

I had the model, i had a stylist and i had an idea…but how should i create this extraordinary Peru vibe????

I remembered an old friend who turned from music clubbing into alpaka-breeding ( that´s really true!!!) and i remembered my good old australien buddy John who does sweatlodges and tipis in his garden.

2 phonecalls later i had 2 great locations 🙂

Fortunately Sigi my make-up artist knew some people from Peru, who were willing to borrow us their originally folklore clothes and accessoirs for our fotoshooting.

So we had great and colourfull stuff to combine and to have fun with – PERU MEETS AUSTRIA!

“no te hagas paltas” is an old saying in Peru and means something like ” Hey human being, don´t worry” 🙂

big THANK YOU to…

my model: Stefanie Steinmayr

hair&make-up, styling and assistant: Sigrid Schwaiger

my buddy John Hingston: www.kangarooisland.at

Thomas Staudinger with his Alpakas: www.alpaka-valley.com

and all the people from Peru who borrowed us their clothes 🙂

fotos & retouch (c) Karin Lohberger Photography

….and here are the results from our shooting last week…enjoy,